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Commercials - Animation

Curiosity Taught The Cat



The Ministry of Education Singapore’s kindergarten teachers recruitment film tells the story of a curious little kitten named Button, who debunked the age-old cautionary expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’ with her journey into the unknown - against the advice of her scaredy-cat friends and most importantly, empowered by her teacher!


Director: Darcy Prendergast
Production Company: Unlisted
Animation: Darcy Prendergast, James Neilson, Sean Anderson, Josh Trotter
Illustrations: Antra Svarcs
Colour: Darcy Prendergast, James Neilson, Kim Gee
Comp: Adrian Oostergetel
Executive Producer: Graham Pryor
Producers: Megan Plane, Karlene van Opdorp
Music: The Gunnery
Agency: BLKJ Singapore
Creatives: Khalid Osman, Lester Lee, Sonali, Ranjit, Antara Aneja
Account Management: Rowena Bhagchandani, Melissa Law, Georgia Tan
Agency Producer: Deborah Chia
Client: Ministry of Education, Singapore