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COVID-19 The Exclusive Interview

Academy of Information Technology
Helping You Production


Simulating a ‘real world’ client. Create an imaginative, thought-provoking 30 second 2D animated Public Service Announcement Film (PSA) which raises public awareness and discussion about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic which is currently affecting our World. Department of Health and Human Services Victoria is seeking to fund an imaginative and inspirational short 2D animation to be created and screened as part of its ‘Keep Safe Victoria’ initiative.


Eliza SensiVO Director & Audio DesignerGeorgia MulkearnsArt Director, Character Designs & Shading/Lighting Guilherme RochaDirector, Editor, Animator & VFXJames GultianoMain Animator & Storyboard artistTaylor LewisSocial Media Manager & Graphic DesignerYun Jung TsuiIllustrator, Concept Art & Animator

Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Premiere Pro