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Commercials - Animation

Chicken and Egg



Standard Chartered's global creative agency has created and produced a new campaign that reinforces the importance of global trade and how banks drive the phenomenon. The campaign uses an animated film to illustrate the complex issue in a relatable and relevant way, allowing for audiences anywhere to understand the power of global trade. The animated stop motion film tells a charming story of two villages that accidentally chance upon each other's egg and rice trade - and by default, discover the celebrated and much-loved ‘egg-fried-rice’ dish.


Executive Creative Director – Andy Grant

Global Creative Director – Perry Essig

Global Creative Director – Asheen Naidu

Senior Art Director – Franziska Krüger

Senior Copywriter – Anne-Marie Brandner

Executive Producer – Haydn Evans

Executive Producer – Sariyanti Sannie

Producer – Fiona McGregor

Producer – Joelle Goh

Agency – TBWA Singapore

Agency – Six Toes TV

Production Company – Unlisted, Melbourne

Production Company – Passion Pictures, London

Production Company – Six Toes, Singapore

Director – Mark Waring

Executive Producer – Belle Palmer

Executive Producer – Debbie Crosscup

Executive Producer – Graham Pryor

Head of Production – Mike Turoff

Producer – Paige Sullivan

Producer – Adriana Wong

Producer – Carlos Zalapa

Animation – Passion Animation Studios

Head of CG – Jason Nicholas

VFX Supervisor – Dave Walker

Art Direction – Alexandra Walker

Sound Design – Soviet Science

Editor – Kingsley Bailey

Director of Photography – Malcolm Hadley