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Cat's Pride - Bobby

The Embassy


When agency Cramer-Krasselt wanted to highlight Cat’s Pride ‘Litter for Good’ program, they needed a campaign that not only alluded to the product's benefits in a fun and memorable way but also highlighted the brand’s charitable endeavours.

Facing the current pandemic restrictions a live-action location shoot was ruled out, so The Embassy proposed making the adverts fully CG, allowing for full art direction over every aspect of the spots.


Creative Director - David Casey
VFX Supervisor - Michael Blackbourn
Asset Supervisor - Paul Copeland
Comp Supervisor - Nick Whiteley

Founder / Executive Producer - Winston Helgason
Managing Director / Executive Producer (US) - Kenny Solomon
VFX Producer - Danielle Kinsey
Associate VFX Producer - Annie-Claude Lapierre

CG Artists - Austin Anderson, Dmitri Bajenov, Gueschem Degni, Terry Zengbao Liu, Mike Lowes, Kenneth Polonski, Kim Savory, Wes Lee
Compositors - Marc-Andre Gray, Riley Gray, Carl Granstrom, David Koss


Houdini, Maya, Redshift, Nuke, Premiere, Resolve