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Cadbury Secret Santa



It was a challenging 2020 for all Australians, and due to social distancing, families nation-wide missed the tradition of meeting
Santa at their local shopping centres. In light of this, CADBURY made Christmas a little extra magical this year by launching its
adored 2D Santa in 3D via Facebook Live. Australians were able to interact live with Santa by using the latest technologies in
virtual production and motion-capture, removing the post-production phase associated with CGI, the very same as seen in Hollywood lms. CADBURY’s 3D Santa was brought to life by a trained actor mimicking Santa’s facial expressions and voice.
This creative had 22 million views of 2x 25 minute versions of content.


Tyrone Estephan, Creative Director, T&DA
Ray Leung, Creative Director, T&DA
Josh Kell, Motion Design, T&DA
Harry Gold, Character Design, T&DA
Nina Salter, Production, T&DA Carmela, Soares, Creative, Facebook Creative Shop
Ollie Beeston, Creative, Facebook Creative Shop
Ariyan Samarbakhsh, Producer, Facebook Creative Shop
Greg Jones, Producer, Facebook Creative Shop
Erin Taylor, Producer, Facebook Creative Shop
Matthew Hermans, Technical Director, Electric Lens Co.
Michela Ledwidge, Technical Directors, MOD


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