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Burberry - Festive



Staying true to the Burberry spirit, the film follows an (impeccably dressed) quartet dance through the streets; each step taken choreographed by renown collective (LA) HORDE and creatively written and imagined by Megaforce through Riff Raff. The new campaign celebrates the brand’s history, as the dancers brave an ice storm, dressed in weatherproof clothing inspired by the founder, Thomas Burberry’s iconic collections.

The unpredictable British weather is exaggerated in an ice-rock scene, brought to life by MPC. The scene begins outside a Turkish grill, before the viewer is taken full throttle into a storm that sees the dancers interacting with the ice. The film concludes as our dancer runs joyfully into the sea, before falling back in ecstasy.


2D Lead: Alex Lovejoy
3D Leads: Fabian Frank & Rob Richardson
3D Artists: Miquel Corominas, Ronald Anzenberger, Alican Gorgec, Gareth Bell, Hodei Garcia, Stephane Ranaldi, Alessandro Granella, Flavia Minone, Mike Little, Lewis Orton & Radu Ciubotariu
2D Artists: David Filipe, Mithun Alex & Lucie Brant
CG Supervisor: Parthiban S E
2D Supervisor: David Rouxal
Matchmove Supervisor: Elangovan Ganesh
Asset Supervisor: Kunal Sarkar
Asset: Jaspreet Kaur Dua
2D Comp: Amresh Kumar
Clean-up & Roto Artists: Vipin Tripathi, Aginesh K M, Karthikeyan M D, Pramod Dwivedi, Arulnandhan P, Bijeesh K U, Kiran Veerswarapu, Padmapriya K, Sangeetha M, Sreejimol C P, Jaswan Vishnu Prasanth, Suresh Pitchuka, Rajnikant R, Shawn Shaiju, Karthik S, Manideep Sanisetty
Fx: Alok Dwivedi, Parts Bisen
Lighting: Earnest Victor Mauel, Arun Sharma     VFX Producer: Ryan Hancocks
Senior Production Coordinator: Sakshi Gaur
Producer: Abhinav Sharda
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet
Colour Assist: Maruf Khan

Houdini, Maya, Nuke