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Commercials - Animation

Bud Light Chelada



This spot for Bud Light Chelada combines high-speed footage with CG animation to create a celebratory visual experience. With party and celebration as FCB's central goal Sarofsky used photoreal CG cans to create a sense of choreography and motion inspired by dance. This can-dance leads into the celebratory text animation, also using 3D animation to highlight a sense of materiality and energy, before segueing into the flavor-appeal shots of high framerate pours. All throughout the focus is on color, vibrancy, and design; using the product and branding elements to create a bright and graphic world. Cheliamos!


Design/Production Company: Sarofsky Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky, Creative Director: Stefan Draht, Executive Producer: Steven Anderson, Producer: Andrew Rosenstein, Line Producer, Live Action Elements: Karen Carter VFX Supervisor: Cory Davis Editor: Jamie Gray 3D Artists: Tanner Wickware, Matt Miltonberger, Tony Agliata, Jake Allen, Sean Skube, Compositor: Jacob Dailey


After Effects, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Flame