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Rodeo FX


Our team was involved very early in the process, and went through many iterations of the hero, Bloodshot, as well as the nanites that his body was enhanced with.

These elements are seen constantly, from micro to macro scales — we did everything from basic concept to the way they move, the way they behave and what their mechanics are as a crowd.
Our team also delivered some spectacular and challenging sequences such as the CG car crash sequence, happening in slow motion at 240 fps requiring hyper-realistic action in details.


VFX Sup and Comp: Erik Gagnon, CG artist: Catherine Emond, CG sup: VFX
Sup: Sebastien Francoeur, Comp Sup: Reuben Barkataki, CG Sup: Alexandre Menard et Raphael Letertre,

Other Crew Producer: Virginie Wintrebert, Other: Claire Callway et Wassila Lmouaci


Autodesk Flame, Maya, Zbrush, Houdini, Photoshop, Resolve