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Titles/Openers - TV

Aunty Donnas Big Ol' House of Fun

Dirty Puppet


In 2020 our old friends and long time collaborative partners 'Aunty Donna' saw their first foray into the internartional streaming world with a 6 part series on Netflix and they brought Dirty Puppet along for the ride once again.

A vibrant, glitchy 3D character filled opening title sequence was tailored to the theme of each episode including a ‘spooky’ haunted episode variation. Working directly with the Australian sketch comedy group we were given creative a free reign and the energetic, frantic title sequence worked as perfect opening punch to match their comedic style.

The video we have linked is a super cut, splicing together different parts from each of the unique episode title sequences.


Animation Studio: Dirty Puppet
Animation Director - Cameron Gough
Character Design & Branding - Annika Fleur
3D & Modelling, rigging & lighting - Courtney Hopkinson
3D: Animation & Compositing: Cameron Gough     Show Director: Max Miller
Producer: Corrine Eckart
Production Company: Comedy Bang Bang!

Aunty Donna:
Tom Armstrong
Mark Bonanno
Sam Lingham
Max Miller
Broden Kelly
Zach Ruane

Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D