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Art Gallery of NSW - Arthur Streeton

Hank Mango


Arthur Streeton’s work and his influence is hugely important however the AGNSW knew that a purely educational explainer wouldn’t have a great cut through with the more diverse audience that they were looking to attract. They tasked Hank Mango with creating a video that would be just as entertaining as it was educational. Skewing to a younger more irreverent style that would keep viewers engaged whilst delivering the message.

We were provided an amazing array of Streeton’s works from the collection but the tough nut to crack was threading it together into a cohesive visual narrative. By adopting a collage style of animation, we were able to use cut-outs of Arthur Streeton, his work, and era-appropriate scenery, blended with a bit of stunning design. Fast paced and quirky animation glued it all together creating a visually striking, modern framework for story of Streeton’s amazing canvases.

CD: Dave Cochrane
EP: Michael Saad
Design: Dave Cochrane
Animation: Dave Cochrane, Supriya Bhonsle, Jay McGuiness


AE, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere