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Arm & Hammer - Once Upon A Time



When Arm & Hammer wanted to showcase its AbsorbX kitty litter made from desert dry minerals, they needed a spot that demonstrated its benefits in a fun and memorable way and highlighted the product’s origins – the desert. The spot, directed by MPC’s Michael Gregory, features a host of photoreal cat cowboys and cowgirls congregating in a desert saloon.


Animation Lead - David Bryan
2D Lead - Vanessa Duquesnay
VFX Supervisor - Kiril Mirkov
Animation Team - Chris Welsby, James Bown, Clementine Supiot, Shiny Rajan
CG Team - Matias Heker, Prashanth Paramasivam, Silvia Bartoli, Tiago Dias, Maximilian Mallmann, Radu Ciubotariu, Jemmy Molero, Kartik Gupta
2D Team - Marjolein Verheij, Pratyush Paruchuri , Emma Tyler
DMP Team - Charles Downman, Radhakrishnan R
Editor - Lance Pereira
Storyboard Artist - Maurits Valk
Concepts - Michelle Tolo, Stephen Molyneaux
Creative (Concepts) - Claus Hansen
Flame/Finishing - Benji Davidson

 Director - Michael Gregory
Executive Producer - Karen Anderson
Senior Producer - Johnny Blick
VFX Producers - Nicole Saccardi, Solomon Tiigah
Finishing Producer - Ciaran Birks
Line producers - Chanakya Chander, Anna Kravtsov
Production Coordinator - Sririthika Iyer
Color Producers - Diane Valera, Sasha Pace
Colorist - Ricky Gausis
Color Assist - Nate Seymour    

Maya, Nuke, Houdini