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Music Video

ACDC - Realize



Clemens Habicht created a mind-bending music video for AC/DC’s ‘Realize.’ Although they are spread across four different cities around the world, the members of AC/DC were seamlessly stitched together in an electric 360° music video, making it feel like the world's most iconic rock band are performing in the same room.The execution of the film required the team to not only composite the members of the band together, but to do so in a 360° environment, and finally edit the film in a way that is exciting and dramatic to suit one of the world’s most iconic bands.


Production Company: Collider Lead Compositor: Mitchell Charman 360 Camera Supervisor: Josef Heks

Directors: Clemens Habicht & Josh Cheuse Producer: Renae Begent Commissioner: Bryan Younce Editor: Brad Hurt DOP: Kieran Fowler 360 Production NZ: James Hunter 360 Production US: Christian Cashmir & Emil Gentolizo 360 Production UK: Gavin Elder Colourist: Matt Fezz


Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke