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AEAF 2016 Speaker Program

We are happy to announce that in addition to the AEAF Awards, AEAF 2016 will feature an exciting Festival Program of keynote speakers, screenings, networking events and masterclasses. Speaker enquiries are now invited. Please contact Festival Director

AEAF Awards Screening Gets Ready to Celebrate

The AEAF Awards Screening will be held next week on Wednesday 19 August - don’t miss out. Book tickets now to view finalists and winners and meet the artists.

FSM Designs and Animates NBN’s World of Information

FSM’s film for NBN, a Commercials entry in the AEAF Awards, brings to life a little girl’s educational adventure on board an over-sized CG animated ladybird, complete with interactive motion graphics.

MPC LA Picks Up the Pace at AEAF Awards

MPC LA tells action-packed stories for Activision and Xbox that play out like live action game cinematics to give players a challenging taste of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Xbox Forza.


AEAF Entries from Psyop include - Samsung Galaxy 11 - The Match Parts 1+2The world’s greatest footballers unite as a team for the ages to challenge a mysterious force of aliens in a virtual football match unlike anything ever seen on earth.

Games Cinematics and Students Go for Glory at AEAF

AEAF has received compelling Games Cinematic entries this year, some produced for E3 2015. Students entering work have also excelled in both animated and composited live action projects.

Plastic Wax

Dirty Bomb - This trailer is rendered entirely in engine using Unreal. Plastic Wax were responsible for all creative aspects of the Dirty Bomb cinematic, from storyboarding, animation through to post production.

Fury Road Races into AEAF as Finalists Are Announced

AEAF Finalist entries are now being announced online leading up to the Awards Night and Screening. Also, check out the latest Feature Film VFX entry, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ from Iloura.

AEAF Gets Ready for Awards Screening & Party

This year’s AEAF Awards Night in Sydney coming up in August, will be everyone’s chance to see, on the big screen, all Finalists and winners in all categories.

Cutting Edge

AEAF entries from Cutting Edge - Queensland Get Ready - Act for Kids - Betadine Losenge - Tourism Events Queensland Migration

Hackett Films

AEAF entries from Hackett - Voyage to the Deep - Waste Less Recycle More - Dylan’s Story - ABC Studio 3

AEAF Latest - RSP, Alt.vfx, Passion Pictures

AEAF has reached its closing date for entries this year, achieving a number of interesting firsts and receiving beautiful entries from artists everywhere.

Collider - Flume - AMP

AEAF entries from - Collider - Flume - AMP


AEAF entrise from Alt.Vfx - Telecom New Zealand’s rebranding as Spark was centered on the idea of a spark, a spark that helps us realise our potential, our change, and to start a new chapter.

Passion Pictures

AEAF Entries from Passion Pictures - Cuddly creatures struggle with their bloated size, but Genius has the answer.


AEAF Entries from Motionlab

Visual Playground - Heroes - ANZAC

Visual Playground - Heroes of the Sky

Spider-Man - Vivid and more

AEAF Latest entries - Spider-Man - Vivid and more

Framestore - Bjork - O2

Framestore - Bjork - Lionsong

BlueBolt - The Imitation Game

AEAF Entries from BlueBolt


AEAF Latest entries - Five new entries from Resin
Method-jupiter-JA 0004

AEAF Awards Brings On New Judges and More New Entries

AEAF Awards is pleased to announce the addition of four new Judges to the Judging panel. Excellent new entries have also arrived from teams around the world.

Madonna Ghosttown - Take Love Taste Media

AEAF Entry from MPC NY in collaboration with Madonna and famed director Jonas Akerlund.

Mirari&Co - Cirkus - SpongeBob

Watch the latest entries to the AEAF Awards 2015 in the AEAF Online Festival.

Method Framestore MPC

Watch the latest enrties to the AEAF Awards 2015 in the AEAF Online Festival.

AEAF Awards Expand with Entries from MPC, Weta Digital & Iloura

The size and scope of the 2015 AEAF Awards are rapidly expanding with entries from Weta Digital, MPC, Rotor Studios, Hornet Animation and Iloura.

AEAF Awards Take Off with New Titles and Commercial Entries

Teams at Engine in Sydney and Jumbla in Melbourne have entered great projects in the TV Openers/Titles and Commercials Animation categories.

Screen Scene Opens ‘Ripper Street’ Season 3 with a Bang

When Screen Scene launched into Season 3 of ‘Ripper Street’, the producers wanted to open the series with a bang. In Episode 1, a train robbery ultimately leads to a tragic train crash.
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The Embassy VFX Enters 'Ultimate Racetrack' into AEAF Online Awards

AEAF Online entries are continuing to arrive from artists around the AEAF2world. From The Embassy VFX in Vancouver comes a web viral entry‘BMW M4 – Ultimate Racetrack’.

AEAF Award Winners Announced

The winners of the AEAF Awards 2014 have now been presented in all 13 categories, including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for Weta Digital, and others from Spinifex Group, Fin Design + Effects, Passion Pictures and many others.

Commercials VFX Teams Get Set to Win at AEAF Awards

The finalist entries in the Commercials VFX category at AEAF show how visual effects teams join artistry, drama and technical skill in terrific projects - seldom more than a minute long.

AEAF Awards Feature Film Finalists Span Sci-Fi, Adventure & Fantasy

The AEAF Awards have received a line up of Feature Film entries this year that demonstrate the tremendous, exciting influences visual effects have on making films.

Top Commercial Animations Come to Life at AEAF

AEAF received more entries than ever in the Commercials Animation category with top work, new teams and techniques from animated 2D artworks come to life to photoreal characters.

AEAF Awards 2014 Finalists

The Finalists in each category will be announced over the coming weeks. All finalistentries will be featured in the AEAF Awards Screening on 27 August where the winners Gold - Silver - Bronze in each category will be announced.

AEAF Attracts Brilliant Short Films from Around the World

This year AEAF Awards received more Short Film entries than we have ever seen, including entries from Autour de Minuit in France, LAIKA/House in the USA and Rushes in the UK.

Heckler Animates Change for Good for UNICEF’S 5 Fund

AEAF entry Heckler in Sydney handled animations, simulations and VFX for a TVC promoting UNICEF’S 5 Fund that turns Australia's tiny 5¢ coins into powerful change for children

AEAF Shines on New Live Event VFX & Animation Category

A new category, Live Event Visual Effects & Animation, is launching at the AEAF Awards this year. The entries are brilliant, extremely varied and come from teams in Australia and Europe.

AEAF Entries - FSM Creates

Collaborating with JWT Sydney Creatives Gerhard Myburgh, Will Edwards and Chris Badger, FSM CREATE directors Emile Rademeyer andPhil Meatchem broughtto life the uninhibited imagination of children in this animated TVC.

Brilliant work from Invisible Artists

Creative studio Invisible Artists has entered two animater works in AEAF 2014.

Slut - Broke My Backbone

Mindconsole produced the music video for the Munich-based band Slut’s latest release. @AEAF Entry


AEAF ENTRY Method Studios has followed their previous Halo spot with ‘The Commissioning’ for Halo 4, creating
animated FX within live action and digital environments for an immersive gaming experience.


AEAF Entry MPC tackled a scope of work on 'Wrath of the Titans' that included the film's opening Dream Sequence, the Chimera attack and the final battle with Kronos.


Rotor Studios has been working on their own special approach to animated CG car commercials as demonstrated in these three spots for Toyota and Lexus.


AEAF Entry Framestore created an astonishing progression of complex, invisible visual effects for over 50
scenes in an Axe TV commercial with director Tom Kuntz at MIZ.


In a commercial for Johnnie Walker, Director Peter Thwaites and The Mill NY make historic Sugar
Loaf Mountain rock move the earth outside Rio, in the form of a lumbering giant.