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Rodeo FX

TAG Heuer and Rodeo FX teamed up to conceptualise and create exclusive 60-second video of an origin story for the new TAG Heuer Carrera HEUER 01 Alec Monopoly Limited Edition timepiece.

The video is a tribute to the powerful creative energy pulsing through the halls of TAG Heuer. Rodeo FX studio was tasked with all pre-production, production and post-production of the video, from the storyboard and shot list to match-move, animation, compositing and final grading.

The video takes viewers on a private midnight visit of the TAG Heuer headquarters in Switzerland, where a mural in Alec Monopoly’s studio comes alive with the help of Rodeo FX artists. The CG animated Mr. Monopoly jumps out of the artwork, and visits the lab and factory. As TAG Heuer’s employees begin to arrive the next day, the animated character is drawn to the timepiece on a watchmaker’s workbench, diving into the dial seconds before being caught.

Filming was shot in one night and was directed by Thomas Hullin, head of Rodeo FX Munich & VFX Supervisor.

To deliver a film-quality project in a very tight timeline, Rodeo FX artists synchronized across the globe to receive notes from the TAG Heuer team in the afternoon in Munich time and have artists work all day in Montreal time to have changes ready for review the next morning in Munich. This flow proved critical to the success of the video.

CATEGORY: Commercials - Animation


Nolan Buchi, Global Content Manager,Tag Heuer
Thomas Hullin, Rodeo FX, VFX Supervisor/director
Eric Bolduc, Rodeo FX, Executive Producer
Julie Kubbillun, Rodeo FX, Producer
Yvon Jardel, Rodeo FX, Supervisor of Animation
Xavier Fourmond, Rodeo FX, Compositor

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