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Goodbye Kansas Studios

Welcome to the once peaceful land of Aternum, now ruled by evil goblins and in desperate need of help from you. In the new game “Warlords of Aternum” you can create your own army and march against the forces of evil.

The release trailer was produced by our studios in Stockholm and Hamburg in close collaboration with our friends at InnoGames. The work included everything from concept/idea to online and grading.

CATEGORY: Commercials - Animation



Lead Animator: Raoul Cacciamani,
Animators: Jonas Forsman, Laura Trespioli, Rickard Engqvist, Jonas Ekman Director, scriptwriter, AD: Rickard Engqvist,
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
Producer: Hanna Bengtsson

Storyboard artist: Guiseppe Cristiano,
Lead Character Artist: Jonas Skoog,
Modelers: Joel Sundberg, Jesper Bardhamre, Sandra Isaksson
Modeller/Lookdev artists: Rodrigo Vivedes, Magnus Andersson,
Lead Lookdev artist: Henrik Eklundh,
Lookdev artists: Sean Kalamgi, Jesper Bardhamre, Jacob Moilanen,

Lead Rigger: Jimmy Johansson
Facial rigger: Magnus Eriksson
Riggers: John Augustsson, Paschalis Mourikas,

Lead Lighting Artist: Henrik Eklundh,
Lighting Artist: Carina Öhlund, Rodrigo Vivedes

Matte Painter: Teo Mathlein

Lead Compositor: Peter Blomstrand
Compositor: Hannah Myllyoja
Color Grading: Finn Jäger

Character FX Artists: Ludvig Eliasson, Richard Lyons

Set Concept Design: Kait Kybar
Environment Lead: Erik Hallberg


Flying Bark Productions

Opening titles for Nickelodeon's The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series. This is a 2D traditional (paperless) animation mixed with CG animation, produced at Flying Bark Productions, Sydney. Animatics/sound produced by Nickelodeon, and animation, final colour produced at Flying Bark.

This 30-second title sequences is a fast-paced, no holds barred city vehicle chase that introduces us to the turtles fighting off the cast of evil mutants they face in the series.

CATEGORY: Titles/Openers - TV


Toon Boom harmony, Maya, Nuke


Tom Barkel - 2D Animator
Christian Barkel - 2D Animator
Sarah Harper - 2D Animator
Gerard Proust - Ink and Paint
Liem Nguyen - Ink and Paint
James Marsh - Ink and Paint
Yasmin Moini - Ink and Paint Debbie Steer - Producer
Alexia Gates-Foale - Supervising Producer
Barbara Stephen - Managing Director
Heidy Villafane - CG Layout
Jerome Dernoncourt - CG Animator
Kidakorn Tang - CG Modeller
Michael Tebble - CG Generalist
Kit Rigby - 2D Background
Magaly Pylipec - Compositor


A Stark Production
Ant tries to locate a “diamond-horned sea-unicorn” as a present for Fontaine’s birthday. But Dolos and Devil Daniels also hunt it. Ant realizes this creature from Fontaine’s childhood is actually a Narwhal! But can he save it?

CATEGORY: TV Series - Children


Trent Carlson (Series Director). Episode Director (Dan Ife). DHX Media (VFX and animation teams) Tom Taylor, Sam Carroll, Philip Dalkin (Episode writing team). James Brouwer (Art Director) . Marc Wasic, Marc Camelbeke, Federico Ferrari (Episode storyboard team)


Accolade Event Management and Ample Projects

CATEGORY: Live Event Installations & Projections



This nomination is shared between two businesses, and three individuals.

Nicholas Tory & Jonathan Nix
Developed the visual concepts, storyboarded the show, designed the content production template and the specific approach for the site and how the content works with it, created the animatic, created a place holder soundtrack to work to (that was later replaced with your composer's soundtrack), designed the content, animated the content, edited the content, rendered the content, delivered the content.

Andrew Walsh: Proposed the concept, wrote the original brief, selected the site and proposed a projection onto the bank, wrote the script along with the Gilsons, recorded the voiceover with Barry, and proposed the other lighting elements in the lake, the lighting elements on the bank behind the projection, and the soundtrack and musical score.

Nicholas Tory & Jonathan Nix
Developed the visual concepts, storyboarded the show, designed the content production templa

Nicholas Tory
Jonathan Nix
Oliver Abbott
Julian Reinhold
Katie Yates
Atticus Gough
Max Cao
Karin Zhou Zheng
James Vllance
Hana Miyajima
Kieran Kenny



Studio AKA

Animation depicting events around the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath, imaginatively interpreting violent and tragic events – events where, as one character puts it, ‘words would fail’.

CATEGORY: Short Film


adobe photoshop, after effects, Maya, Avid


Marcus Armitage Artworkers/Animators
Peter Dodd Artworkers/Animators
Martin Oliver Artworkers/Animators
Manshen Lo Artworkers/Animators
Justine Waldie Artworkers/Animators
Sharon Pinsker Artworkers/Animators
James Gaillard 3D team
Kristian Fjellerup Olesen 3D team
Will Eager 3D team
Daniel Garnerone 3D team
Fabrice Altman Technical Support
Steve Small Director
Hugo Blick Writer
Nicola Kefford-white Producer
Melanie Lanza Production Assistant
Nic Gill Editor