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Yabarra - Dreaming in Light (2020 Adelaide Fringe Signature Event)

Category: Live Event Installations & Projections



The signature event of the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Yabarra – Dreaming in Light.

Fringe goers journeyed along an immersive dreaming track to experience story of creation and country at Tandanya. For all 31 days and nights of the 2020 Fringe, from 10am to 10pm in 15 minute sessions, audiences experienced the dreaming.

Created in partnership with Aboriginal arts collective Yellaka, Monkeystack, Novatech, Epson, with Illuminart and MOD, it told the creation story of Tjilbruke, interpreted by Karl Winda Telfer and the Williams clan of the Kaurna people.

The exhibition took viewers from place to place, mapping the path of Tjilbruke through the geographically significant places of the Kaurna, including the springs along the coast created by his tears as he wept for the death of his nephew. The exhibition flowed naturally as pieces of projected and recorded content invited the viewer to stay, look, and listen at significant places. Overhead, a 30-metre continuous projection of The Milky Way ran the length of the gallery, and the constellations known to the Kaurna as emu, lizard and more came to life to guide viwers to the next part of the story.

The main gallery of Tandanya, some three stories tall and 15 metres wide, was enclosed and projection surfaces and screens were carved out, fake campfires were built, textured bush and trees were formed with layers of hung gauze and projections, and a ‘fog-tornado’ was created, the finale of the exhibition, known as the ‘Spirit Wind’.


From Monkeystack....
Ryan Peters
Henry Bruce
Jamie Pillarinos
Anna Bailes
Chris Spencer
Jed Summers
Anthony George Over 100! Various crew from the partners that produced and presented the event. This list could be obtained if required