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Watchmen - Dr Manhattan sequence

Category: TV Series



Framestore was tasked with the creation of a specific super-power effect for the season finale in which the powers of the seminal cobalt creator Dr. Manhattan was extracted from him. The team explored and developed the different component parts of the energy effects to visualise the scene.

Once the look of the component parts of this sequence were established, the team developed the effects for the scene which is made up of dozens of FX-heavy shots. The team created and animated various multi-layered simulations including an extraction beam, the astral-extraction of the character’s life force, explosive matter and the different forms of slow-motion particulate employed across the sequence.


VFX Supervisor: Ahmed Gharraph
Comp Supervisor: Suzanne Jandu
CG Artists: Zybrand Lourens Jacobs, Thomas Blake, Michael John, Robert Joosten, Ewa Zych, Alicia Saleh, Thanos Topouzis
2D Artists: Stuart Bullen, Arnaud Dumeyn, Pablo Vera, Ewelina Freuer
VFX Editorial: Gavin Hyde
Executive Visual Effects Producer: Christopher Gray
VFX Producer: Liz Oliver
VFX Line Producer: Hannah Critchley
VFX Coordinator: Viveka Praba, Nora Keszeg