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CATEGORY: Feature Films VFX

MPC Film

Working as the lead vendor for “Underwater,” MPC Film’s VFX Supervisor Axel Bonami led the teams in Montreal, London and Bangalore, completing more than 400 shots. They created the full journey on a dry-for-wet shoot– from the submerged base, the whole pipe connecting to the Kepler Station, down to the ocean floor, through miles of underwater desert, cold dark landscapes and to the final act at the main Roebuck station. MPC built all external assets outside of the underwater station.<br /> <br /> The shoot took place on dry land and MPC Film had the difficult challenge of making every frame appear as if it were shot underwater. In order to keep the atmosphere of the murky underwater environment on set, and to keep the actors immersed, black screens were used instead of green screens. There actors wore underwater suits with the visors removed and there were practical props and sets for the actors to interact with. The shots outside the Roebuck station have fully computer-generated environments in which CG visors were inserted later. MPC built CG drills, elevator, escape pods, cranes, platforms and cables for the exterior of the station.


MPC VFX Supervisor Axel Bonami


Maya, Nuke, Zbrush, renderman