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Toyota – Shortcut

Commercials - VFX



A father and daughter’s everyday trip to school quickly becomes a wild, cinematic journey fit
for a blockbuster action film. The rapidly paced spot features a slew of environmental effects,
utilizing a procedural and modular approach to dissect and simplify the process. Extensive
research, data collection, reference material and schematics were employed, along with
drone-based photogrammetry and a number of LIDAR-sweeps for detail.


VFX crew Animators
Michael Ralla - VFX Supervisor
Sean Dollins - On-Set Supervisor & CG Artist
James Alexander - Senior VFX Producer
Morgan MacCuish - Senior VFX Producer
Diego Bonora - Production Coordinator
Marco Marenghi - Animation Supervisor
Kevin Baker - CG Supervisor
Alex Villabon - Composting Supervisor
Julie Long - VFX Producer
Zamantha De Gula - Junior Production Coordinator
Nathan Diehl - Senior Technical Director
David Wanger - FX Technical Director
Mohamed Echkouna - Junior CG Artist
Eban Byrne - CG FX
Jessica Soderstrom - Asset Supervisor
Francisco Dias - Junior Animator
Callum Mckeveny - Concept Artist
Euna Kho - Senior Compositor
Raul Ortego - Compositor
Sang Kim - Compositor
Elaina Brillantes - Junior Compositor
Jimmy San - Lighting TD
Irene Kim - Lighting TD


- Nuke for compositing
- Maya & Arnold for any 3D work and rendering
- 3D Equalizer for tracking
- Reality Capture and Leica Scanners for Environment reconstruction
- Hiero for Editorial
- Flame for mastering