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The Witcher

Category: TV Series



Framestore provided a whole host of VFX for The Witcher including magical and blood effects. Its main role on the show was to help establish the look and feeling of The Continent, the world that The Witcher inhabits with a series of digitally enhanced and fully digital environments. It was responsible for the design of several locations including the dark and gritty city of Cintra and the cliff-side fortress of Aretuza and an Elven stronghold.

To develop the look and feel of the environments, Framestore worked with its internal creative development and art departments, using the production designers’ initial concept art as a starting point. For the three-tiered walled city of Cintra, it developed everything from the layout of the city right down to tiny details like the way tiles are laid on the buildings’ roofs. The CG asset of Cintra was built to showcase the location with an incredible level of detail before the team degraded the asset, essentially destroying it for a huge battle in which it’s attacked by the show’s Nilfgaardian army. ‚Äč

The team also designed and built the exterior location of Aretuza and an Elven Keep completely in CG, using these assets and a series of digital matte paintings to both create the series’ beautiful establishing shots and to replace views from interior locations’ windows. It also built a perilous mountain ledge location which live action plates of the series’ actors were composited into for a sequence in which the series’ heroes must traverse the treacherous landscape.


Series VFX Supervisor: Pedro Sabrosa
CG Supervisor: Felipe Canfora
Comp Supervisor: Owen Braekke-Carroll
Comp Supervisor: Lionel Heath
Art Direction: Simon Wood
Lead Artists: Benjamin Shearman - Assets
Dave Early - Environments
David Watson - Lighting
Enrico Selmi - FX

CG Artists: Florence Green, Mariam Ferrer, Michael John, Caspian Grace Da Silva, Joel Savage, Tim Gregson, Andrea Pezzolato, Omar Jason, Adam Smith, Joel Best, Aaron Hunwick, Nacho Del Hierro, Timothee Maron, David Cattermole, Alicia Saleh, Ellie Ansell, Angel Cano-Fernandez, Geraint Wright, Thomas Bourret, Joseph Kane, Ashley Reemul, Catherine Harris, Valerio Di Napoli, Dorian Perceval, Marcos Parmentier, Andres Gomez Tollar, Christian Bohm, Chris Bore, Mayec Rancel, Hernan Llano Duque, Paul Krist
Victoria Pacitti, Billy Perry, Alex Doyle, Christine Gatchalian, Mathias Cadyck, Ahmed Ugas, Henrique Campanha, Gabriela Ruch Salmeron, Darren Byford, Erik Weaver-Pronk, Martin Aufinger, Mark Gregory, Joe Thornley-Heard, Jem Grimshaw

2D Artists: Melissa Yung Hok, Katherine Ross, Adrian Dudak, Marc Adamson, Lee Matthews, Harry Wormald, Carl Edlund, Ysabel King, Heather Costa, Javad Matoorian-Pour, Grzegorz Zolnowski, John Williams, Sherrine Byfield, Ewaline Freuer, Katherine O'Loingsigh, Matthew Thomas, Korinne Cammarano, Pedram Razi, Andy Hunwick, Emre Aypar, Chuan Jin, James Moxon, Simon Kilroe, Marco Parenzi, Julia Caram, Tri Do, Simon Stoney, Samantha Meisels, Sean O’Conner, Gavin McKenzie, Neil Barrack, Luke Sikking, Fincher Trist, Jake Short, Markus Kircher, Steve Hawken

VFX Editorial: Richard Gao

Head of Television: Michelle Martin
VFX Producer: Christopher Gray
Development Producer: Benjamin Perry
Line Producer: Hannah Critchley
VFX Coordinator: Viveka Praba
VFX Coordinator: Megan De Wolf
Production Assistant: Nora Keszeg


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