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The Aeronauts

Category: Feature Films VFX

Rodeo FX


Our team was delighted to work on The Aeronauts, directed by Tom Harper.
For this aerial adventure, we were tagged on the descent and crash of the Mammoth, our heroes’ hot air balloon.
Our artists recreated the balloon as it deflates and engages into a vertiginous fall, before being turned into a makeshift parachute. One of our main challenges was to produce custom cloudscapes, and to scatter and light these CG clouds across the scenes. To deliver a photoreal English countryside, our matte painters removed roads and all signs of modern technology and time anachronisms. They then scaled down land parcels for time period accuracy. Finally, our environment team created very high-resolution trees that allowed for interaction with James and Amelia as they crash through them


VFX Supervisor: Ara Khanikian