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CATEGORY: Interactive 360 Experience

UTS Animal Logic Academy

‘SubAqua’ is a large format immersive and interactive game designed specifically for 360º projection at the UTS Data Arena, using real-time visualisation technology. Groups of players enter the space as if crewing a futuristic submarine. As they dive below the surface of the water they discover an impressive sunken underwater world filled with wonder and danger. Using spatial motion tracking, the team must move collectively in the space to steer the sub through the underwater terrain. Armed with interactive tools, they must open iron gates, ward off threatening sea creatures and defend themselves from the dangers of the deep.


Director(s) – Chris Ebeling, Daniel Flood and Matt Estela

·        Producer – Adelaine Baltazar

·        Editor – Aaron Brien

·        Sound – Bree Weekes, Jacob Hedges and Luis Rumbolo

·        Digital Artists – Aaron Brien, Adelaine Baltazar, Ania Gareeva, Beau Parkes, Daniel Dore, Elouise Trewartha, Felipe Pozitano Fabrette, Ian Lade, Javier Amador Cotes, Jessica Lyon, Joshua Cole, Julian Beiboer, Elizabeth Hadenfeld, Matthew Burgess, Nakul Umashankar, Naomi Que, Nicholas Refalo, Phillipe Amaro, Sarah Cashman, Sebastian Du Toit, Shengzi Zhou, Stephen Davidson, Tenn Lim, Tiburce Parquet, Thomas Scior and Yipeng Wang