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Stranger Spring

Category: Live Event



Commissioned by The Galeries in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, LIGHT ARC by VANDAL is a digital
placemaking art installation conceived as an interactive 3 dimensional canvas for artistic expression and
retail activation.

LIGHT ARC returned for ‘Stranger Spring’ at The Galeries.
This new instalment is an obscure and immersive sensory experience of all things Spring. In collaboration
with London-based artists Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir ‘‘Stranger Spring’ will see the LIGHT ARC
complemented with soundscapes, smells, and tastes.

SEE IT. The LIGHT ARC, designed by VANDAL returns with it’s obscure new look for Stranger Spring.
The visually stunning installation blossoms with a twist, taking center stage within the Galeries precinct in
the strangest and most surreal way. This alien flower fest from another dimension has grown into another
platform complete with a bespoke Instagram filter.

SMELL IT. The LIGHT ARC is now complemented with it’s very own Stranger scent. This intriguing scent
amplifies the inter-dimensional experience of Stranger Spring. Stand under the LIGHT ARC on ground
level to soak up the mystery for yourself.

HEAR IT. Strange sounds can also be heard around the LIGHT ARC. This surreal soundscape surrounds
the LIGHT ARC with sensory-based acoustic waves, transporting you to another dimension.



CD: Richard Swan
EP: Marie-Céline Merret Wirström
Snr Producer: Amelia Lawson
Sound Designer: Nigel Crowley
Photographer & Editor: Mariah Dunn
Fabrication Partner: Yippee-Kai-Yay

Art: Alexa Sirbu & Lukas Vojir
Sculpture: Richard Swan

Other Crew:
The Galeries / Vicinity Centres
Marketing Manager: Valerie Wong
Marketing Coordinator: Ruby Rose