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Spotify - Playlist of the Decade

Category: Commercials - VFX



n the 90-second film, the protagonist travels across the city looking for the best songs for his playlist. However, everyone he encounters - his roommate, his neighbors, his classmates, strangers from all walks of life - has their own opinion about which songs should be included. The momentum continues to build to an epic moment when it feels like the whole world is weighing in on this all-important playlist.


VFX & 2D - MPC
Executive Producer - Matthew Loranger
Creative Director/VFX Supervisor - Alvin Cruz
Producer - Krystle Timm, Sandra Eklund
Production Coordinator - Stephen Dierks
2D Lead - Thiago Porto
Design Lead - Donal O'Keeffe
2D Team - Jared Pollack, Margolit Steiner, Fabien Coupez
Designers - Raphael Pazoumian, Adam Roche, Steven Bussey, Daphne Westelynck, Clément Herveau
Colourist - James Tillett
Colour Assistant - Tyler Robinson
Colour Producer - Kay Carpenter Client/Agency - Spotify
Senior Producer - Jenna Allchin
VP, Global Executive Creative Director - Alex Bodman
Group Creative Director - Dan Brill
Associate Creative Director - Tal Midyan
Associate Creative Director - Kat Kvas
Brand Lead/Manager - Payman Kassale
Brand Manager - Jonathan Chu
Director - BRTHR
Production Company - Serial Pictures
Executive Producer - Sara Greco