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Samsung Galaxy ExplorAR

CATEGORY: Augmented Reality

Traffik and Chaos Theory  

Traffik and Chaos Theory developed a unique product demo for Samsung's newest innovation in late 2019. Using the latest AR technology and our experiential activation expertise we transformed a product launch into an interactive and immersive demonstration, capturing eyes and winning hearts.

The Samsung Galaxy ExplorAR is an AR experience focuses on being tactile and intuitive, letting customers of any skill level explore the features and specs of the new Galaxy Note 10+ at their own pace. Users navigated the app through the power of AR, using the new S-pen, taps and swipes, helping highlight the versatility of the Note10. Simple to use and technically impressive, the Note10's launch was an unforgettable experience for customers. We used natural gestures for control, familiar Samsung user interface elements, and rich animated content to demonstrate the power and precision of the new device in a format that anyone could intuitively understand.

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Traffik Crew
Creative Direction: Elle Crozier
Management: James Neale
UI, Design + 3D: Erik Bernacchi Chaos Theory Crew
Management: James Lockrey
Creative Direction: Nico King
Technology Director: Will Bagley
Production: Ryan Penning
Art: Jennyfer Ong
Development: Jessy Robinson
Development: Gabriella Wilson


Unity,  Maya, Photoshop,  Visual Studio,  Adobe XD,  Slack