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Pepsi - Touchdown Slide

Category: Commercials Animation



To mark the return of NFL season and Pepsi’s continued Super Bowl sponsorship, GS&P brought together some of the best celebratory moments in the game’s history. Directed by Anonymous Content’s Daniel Kaufman, ‘Touchdown Slide’ features real footage of player touchdown celebrations, with fun animation sequences weaved into the films.


VFX & Animation - MPC
Creative Director - Michael Gregory
VFX Sup/2D Leads - Toya Drechsler, Jim Spratling
2D team - Hector Cabrera, David Ince, Peter Ulukpo, Jim Spratling
Design Team - Dax Norman, Kris Fortin, Amy Wang, Anthony Riccardi
Colorists - Dimitri Zola, Kris Smale
Executive Producer - Karen Anderson
Executive Producer, Color - Meghan Lang
Producers - Nicole Saccardi, Crystal Deones
Production Coordinator - John Edson Agency - GS&P
Creative Director - Adam Reeves
Executive Producer - Christina Wells
Producer - Ed Case

Production Company - Anonymous Content
Director - Daniel Kaufman
Line Producer - Paul Ure