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M&M's Take Home the Fun

CATEGORY: Augmented Reality

Traffik and Chaos Theory 

Traffik agency and Chaos Theory designed an immersive and cutting-edge brand activation for Australia's favourite milk chocolate snack. Combining Traffik's creative vision and Chaos Theory's augmented reality expertise, we created M&M's Take Home the Fun: an addictive AR app where players whack the virtual piñata for a chance to win $20,000 prizes. We wanted to encourage players to not only have fun but also stay active through gameplay.

 We wanted to bring a globally recognisable and beloved brand to life in AR, we wanted to push the boundaries of marketing and technology to create long lasting engagement.  M&M's Take Home the Fun had record breaking number of 49,000 piñata's broken and 521,000 piñata hits in it's 6 week Australian campaign.

Management: David Loughnan

UI, Design + 3D: Erik Bernacchi

Chaos Theory
James Lockrey: Management, Nico King: Creative Direction,  Will Bagley: Technology,  Ryan Penning: Production,  Jessy Robinson: Development,  Jennyfer Ong: Art,  Gabriella Wilson: Development