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Lynx - Africa 25

Category: Commercials - VFX



The spot takes a journey from a typical UK school in 1995 and follows a fantastical game of cat and mouse as a lovesick teen chasing after the only thing that he believes will get him the girl of his dreams, his can of Lynx Africa. Unfortunately for him the can has other ideas, springing to life and magically opening a portal or ‘Strunnel’ into another realm which entices him into a journey through time where he sees the full power of the Lynx effect. Their epic journey sees Lynx Africa bringing people together from 90’s ravers to noughties gamers to emoji obsessed teens, finally popping out in 2020 where Lynx Africa has the final word.


Production & Post Production - MPC
Director - Richard Skinner
DOP - Marcus Dolmeo
Editor - Ben Crook
Executive Producer - James Niklasson
Live Action Producer - Tim Tyrrell, Johnny Blick
Post Producer - Amie Kingsnorth
Colour - Duncan Russell
3D Supervisor - Will Laban
2D Supervisor - Alex Snookes
Animation Lead/Art Director - Donal O'Keeffe Brand - AXE / LYNX
Vice President - MC Gasco-Buisson
Director - Caroline Gregory
Manager - Jamie Brooks, Alessandro Damico
Agency - OLIVER
Global Chief Creative Officer - Rodrigo Sobral
Executive Producer - Andy Gulliman
Creative Director - Rodrigo Sobral , Ed Edwards
Senior Creatives - Joe Fletcher, Milan Desai
Head of Design - Alex Varela
Senior Designer - Alex House
Visual Effects - Gavin Langley
Copywriter - Jonny Day
Group Account Director - Gemma Davies
Planning Director - Lewis Galloway
Account Director - Jonny Collin
Producer - Stephanie Hernandez