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Lost in Space: Season 2

Category: TV Series



Cinesite's team created the damaged SAR robot, which we see crawling menacingly after the Robinson children, through the Resolute's empty corridors. His hand-animated performance needed to portray a high level of damage, whilst making him still dangerous. His face plate, a moving synaptic network, has a punch-drunk appearance and he has a scuffed-up surface patina.


Head of Animation - Scott Holmes
Animators - James Hickey, Riette Du Toit, Craig Johnson, Adam Klein

VFX Supervisors - Holger Voss, Zave Jackson, Phillipe Desiront
VFX Producers - Julie McDonald, David Cordon
VFX Production Manager - Matina Skouteri
Senior Lighting TD - Vincent Techer
Compositing Supervisor - Pedro Adrade
Matchmove Supervisor - Matt Boyer
Head of Compositing - Helen Newby
Senior Lighting TD - Nikos Gatos
CG Supervisors - Samir Ansari, Chris Nickels, Louis Pare, Nicolas Dumay
Lead Layout Artist - Lucy Luong
2D Supervisor - Christian Simon
Head of Assets - James Stone
Head of Matchmove & Layout - Mehdi Tadlaoui
Head of Lighting - Mark Stepanek
Head of FX - Alexandre Aillet
Paint & Rotoscoping Supervisor - Richard Sowerby