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Kosciouszko - Beer with Altitude

Category: Commercials Animation

New Holland Creative



New Holland Creative was commissioned by 72 and Sunny to collaborate with director Stefan Hunt to come up with a quirky and eye catching visual style to promote Kosciuszko Pale Ale this winter.

New Hollands specialised skillset in design in motion made us the perfect partner to bring the "Kosci spirit" to life in the film. Using a combination of traditional cut out techniques, stop motion, 3D and motion graphics, our design and animation team worked their magic in a rollercoaster ride down the slopes of Mount Kosciuszko.


Creative Director - Brendan Savage
3D Artist - Chris Breeze
Motion Graphics - Hui Ying Kao
Compositing - Chris Breeze Concept Artist - Simon Cowell
Colour - Clement Bouchet
Additional Compositing - Heather Galvin
Producer - Martina Joison
Executive Producer - Tyrone Estephan

Director - Stephan Hunt
Agency - 72&Sunny


Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Resolve, Flame, Redshift