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I Touch Myself

Category: Commercials - VFX



With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer, we were asked to help bring awareness to the importance of early detection and the simple checks women can do on themselves. The ‘I Touch Myself’ is a breast cancer awareness campaign inspired by the Divinyls’ hit song of the same name, and the tragic passing of their front woman Chrissy Amphlett who died of the disease.

To ensure this message could be shared widely, we developed a digital body to demonstrate the appropriate breast-checking technique while avoiding any social media nudity and censorship regulations. Partnering with Karen Jacobsen- one of the most famous voice assistant voices in the world- we were able to provide instruction for how to look for early signs of breast cancer.

Director Andrew van der Westhuyzen and Collider Studio collaborated with the incredible team at ProtoSpace at the University of Technology Sydney to laser scan a human form and integrate these 3D scans into a multiplatform digital world. Experimenting light, sound, and responsive visual effects ensured the optimal legibility of the breast check poses.


Director: Andrew van der Westhuyzen
Post Producer: Naomi Iland
Digital Executive Producer: Annabel Stevens
Managing Director: Rachael Ford-Davies
DoP: Jonathon Pilkington
HMU: Shaina Ehrlich
Lighting & Camera Assistant: Jon Brown
End Real Woman and VO: Karen Jacobsen
Studio for Karen shoot: Smashbox Studios, NY
Avatar model: Danielle Jackson

Music Composition: Pat Thrall
Original Music Track Songwriters: Christina Amphlett, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Mark McEntee


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