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DICK's Sporting Goods - The New Kid

Category: Commercials Animation



‘The New Kid’ is a charming story about the DICK's Sporting Goods products coming to life once the customers have left and the shop has closed, and sees Anomaly, directors Shawn Levy and Will Gluck from Pacific Rim Films, and MPC partner up. Taking inspiration from feature film Night at the Museum – also directed by Shawn Levy – the objects, from Nike and Adidas shoes, to Louisville Slugger golf clubs, roam freely around the store and play games before the shop reopens and normality is resumed. The fun campaign is a departure from Dick’s Sporting Goods previous advertising efforts, and it is the most that the brand has ever invested in their advertising.


Creative Director - Ashley Bernes
VFX Supervisors - Ashley Bernes, Rob Hodgson
Executive Producer - Matthew Loranger
Producer - Chris Connolly
Production Coordinator - Katherine Miccio
Managing Director - Angela Lupo
2D Lead - Tobey Lindback
2D Team - Renato Carone, Ruairi Twohig, Julien Aucouturier , Yashvardhan Jain, Lawrence Merrill , Chris Green, Esther Song
3D Lead - Chris Bernier
Lighting Team - Andrew Ortiz, Dan Fine, Lucy Choi, Ash Yee, Roberto Maki
Rigging - Wesley Schneider
Modeling - Jemmy Molero
Animation Lead - Graeme Revell
Animation Team - Jacob Fradkin, Mike Lombardo, Ross Scroble, Anthony Travieso, Joerg Volk, Yarim Machado
Concept Design - Roger Hom, Tyler Gibb, Andrew Brooks, Morgan Schweitzer
Additional Production Support - Neela Kumuda, Quentin Martin, Stephanie Mollet, Mark Driscoll, Salil Thapa
Additional 3D Support - Santosh Gunaseelan, Raju Ganesh S, Mark Robinson, Brendon Echsner
Assets - Andre Monteiro, Vaibhav Gupta, Mohammad Asif, Sandeep B K, GopikaPriya M, Kalaiarasu Puhalendhi, S Shashi Kumar, Ullas. Thunga K, Sunil Manohas Mohapratra, Alexandre Corcoy, Helene Frery, Anbarasu Elangovan
Rigging - Subbaiah A, Kuntal Kanti Bera, Yeshwanth Garlapati, Gretchen Asmar, Alexandre Sauthier
Animation - Ganael Chevallier, Cedric Jeanne, Geoffroy Barbet-Massin, Andrew Price, Samir Patel, Venkatesan D
Lighting - Pierre Jury, Guillaume Parra
Additional 2D Support - Mahendra Natha Reddy, Sugumar S, Bhushanam Mukkala, Ajeet Pratap Singh, Suresh Pitchuka, Maniraj G, Gokulakrishnan M G, Likin Ganapathi C P
Tracking - Ganesh Kumar S, Anirudh Kurve, Tejashwini N, Showber Shadik, Shridhar Bhat, Suhas N, Ankit Dheraj Toppo
Colorist - Kris Smale

Agency Team
Agency - Anomaly NY
Chief Creative Officer - Mike Byrne
Group Creative Director - Seth Jacobs
Creative Director, Art Director - Bryce Cline
Creative Director, Copywriter - Jeremy Straight
Art Director - Alex Thompson

Production Team
Production Company - Pacific Rim Films
Directors - Shawn Levy, Will Gluck
DoP - Claudio Mirand
Executive Producer - Annie Johnson
Head of Production - Bryan Mitchell
Line Producer - Denny Kennedy