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Castle Towers

Category: Live Event



‘SUPER SENSED’ is a series of digital artworks that will welcome up to 18 million visitors a year to the
new Castle Towers retail precinct.
Three enormous digital canvas screens act as digital placemaking centerpieces. The canvas outside
Stanton Cafe is a soft, generative art, dreamy scene. The soft, organic shapes come together, squashing,
morphing and wrapping around each other to create a soft, digital sculpture. The canvas in the Metro
tunnel connects Castle Towers to the new Metro train station via colourful splashes mixing together to
create a dynamic, sensory experience.


Executive Creative Strategy Director: Emile Rademeyer
Creative Director: Oz Dean
Executive Producer: Cyril De Baecque / Marie-Celine Merret
Lead Motion Graphics: Pete Nizic
3D Artist: Gabor Prucsi
Photography & Editing: Mariah Dunn
 Colourist: Daniel Pardy
Flame Artist: Phil-Stuart Jones
Other Crew:
Katherine Knott: National Integration Solutions & Strategy Manager, Brand iQ
Dennis Michael: Head of Commercial, Brand iQ & New Business
Ivana Miletic: Head of Project Marketing
 Dean Walley: Head of Design, QIC