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Apple – Bounce

Commercials - VFX



Since Apple introduced AirPods a few years ago, the wireless white earbuds have
reached iconic status in popular culture, ranking at the top among the most memefied
products out there. But most importantly, bridging the gap between technology and
style. And with the arrival of the wireless charging case in 2019, the product
experience got even more untethered.
"Bounce" captures what it feels like to experience the extra burst of freedom provided
by the even-more-wireless new AirPods. In the film, the whole environment of a city
becomes a trampoline, turning a young man’s every day commute into a wonderful
musical experience.
In order to make the liberating feeling of the AirPods believable and real, we raised an
entire set of a city six foot above the ground, which allowed us to choreograph and
capture the performer’s moves in camera, without the help of VFX. An epical display
of technical prowess.


Framestore President of North America: James Razzall
Managing Director: Duncan Burbidge
Executive Director: Stephanie Gilgar
Head of Production: Bethan Thomas
VFX Supervisor: Michael Ralla
Associate VFX Supervisor: Steve Drew
Senior VFX Producer: Morgan MacCuish
CG Supervisor: Kevin Baker
Compositing Supervisor: JD Yepes
Integration Supervisor: Sean Dollins
Colorist: Beau Leon
Color Assistant: Evan Reinhard, Nabil Moo
VFX Production Coordinators: Diego Bonara, Jamie Runkle
VFX Editor: Alexandra Wysota, Connor Bailey, Dusty Indrebo
Flame: Bruno De La Calva, Gretchen Capatan, Huberto Reynaga
DMP Artist: Daniel Dimerdjian
CG Artists: Todd Herman, Fabio Zapata, Francisco Dias, Shayne Ryan
Compositing Artists: Euna Kho, Peter Timberlake, Robert Williams, Paul Krist,
Sebastien Boulange, Jhih Hing Ciou, Karch Coon, Xavier Mojica, Gigi Ng, Andrew
Siner, Avery Herzog


Nuke for compositing
- Maya & Arnold for any 3D work and rendering
- 3D Equalizer for tracking
- Reality Capture and Leica Scanners for Environment reconstruction
- Hiero for Editorial
- Flame for mastering