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Apex Legends - Crypto

CATEGORY: Game Trailers

Passion Pictures

A Stories From The Outlands trailer for Apex Legends directed by Mads Broni.
Revealing the lore of the new Legend Crypto, the film is a kinetic mix of 3D
environments and 2D animation. With flowing action and futuristic backdrops, the film
introduces the newest Apex character to enter the fight…


Client: Respawn Entertainment
Production: Passion Pictures
Director: Mads Broni
2D Lead: Thomas Rietbergen
2D/FX supervisor: Jonghyun Jung
2D Animator: Maxime Jouniot Malcolm Wopé, Michiru Baudet, Myriam Fourati, Marguerite
Dumans, Sandy Lachkar, Lise Leigier, Ugo Offner, Constance Bertoux, Mila Monaghan
2D clean up artist: Dara Dharmaperwira, Herlinne Setzekorn
3D/comp: Mads Broni, Guillaume Le Roux
FUI design/animation: Ryan J. Close
Particle simulation: Yuki Sogabe
Matte painting: Rudy Parfaite
3D night cityscape: Youssef Gamal
2D animatic: Kim Nguyen
Concept art: Robin Lhebrard, Lap Pun Cheung