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ANT Concept Vehicle

CATEGORY: Corporate Video

Cadre Pictures

When Ferox Vehicles presented their advanced vehicle concepts to us it felt like Christmas had come early! A project that grants us license to create a photoreal environment, as well as bringing their extraordinary concept vehicle to life. What an opportunity.

The Cadre team created this fully-CGI sequence for Ferox’s ANT concept, an all-terrain vehicle, using fluid drive technology. We'll leave it to the experts to explain the tech in detail, we just thought it was all very cool...

Initially considering a location shoot for the environment, this was quickly ruled out as we needed very specific inhospitable terrain to showcase the vehicle’s extraordinary swing arm suspension. Working closely with the Ferox team, Cadre’s technical and animation leads developed bespoke scripts and rigging to closely replicate the vehicle dynamics.

3D rocks were created mainly with Zbrush, Mari & Mudbox.

The final video is being used by Ferox to help explain and market their new technology.

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VFX by Cadre Pictures
VFX Producer: Steven Kerswell
Creative Director: Pat da Cunha
Surfacing & Lighting Lead: Alan Do
Technical Director: Ben Bryan
Lead Modeller: Eoin Cannon
Animator: Brian Doecke
3D Artists: Kien Chan, Nathan Juno, Duncan MacDonald, Ben Weller
Matte Painter: Andrew Clarke
Concept Artist: Rhys Griffiths


Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, 3dsMax, Redshift, Adobe CC, Fusion