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CATEGORY: Studio Promo

This project didn’t come from a client, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t develop and follow an explicit project brief—we were crystal clear on the end result we wanted, right from the start. Our goal was to create a memorable, tongue-in-cheek commercial, which isn’t exactly the type of project an up-and-coming production studio is generally offered. This was a passion project that was also meant to enrich our portfolio.


Irina Skaletskaya, Timur Abdulov, Vitaly Antonovas, Philipp Redblackov, Michael Yandimirkin, Dmitry Karanda, Dmitry Parki

Fedor Ratnikov, Avramov Denis & Gorislavets Vladimir, Vladislav Subeev, Pudan Pavel, Tikhonov Mikhail, Yuriy Nazarov, Igor Bakhmetev, Yuri Vereteno, Andrey Orehov, Dmitri Kirillyak, Andrey Titarenko, Artem Naidenov


3D Max, Nuke, V Ray, Houdini