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Dans Digital

Shenzhen is the youngest international metropolis in the world. Grew from a small town into a metropolis of 20 million population, it only takes 40 years of time. The city is changing rapidly every day. In this video, it showed the new look of a region in Shenzhen within 5 years in the future. This transformation is an ordinary status. Shenzhen citizens believe that the transformation can bring more opportunities to the city, create a brighter future to citizens, and provide broader space for the development of enterprises.

CATEGORY: Commercials - VFX


Guanghao Xu
Yan Li
Hongming Xiang
Haixiang Hong
Jie Yu
Rongxiang Yang
Mini Chen
Leisi Feng
Zhijing Sun

Visual Effects:
Jinliang Jiang
Quan Li
Mingda Guan
Xiaozhen Cheng Executive Producer:Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer:Yan Jiang
Editor:Yuping Duan
Photographer:Bo Yang
Technical Support:Guibing Xu
Photographer:Minsheng Lin
Post production:Zhiqiang Chen
Post production:Hui Yang
Assistant Camera:Jujun Zhang
Assistant Editor:Jiahuan Wan
Assistant Camera:Zhichen Tang
Production Assistant:Yucheng Chen
Production Assistant:Liling Gao

3DS MAX,Adobe Premiere