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Cutting Edge

Titles/Openers - TV

Each episode of “Tidelands” features a different 10 second opening title. All eight titles are presented here in sequential order. Airing on Netflix, Tidelands is a story of small fishing town that is inhabited by a mysterious group of half-siren, half-human beings known as Tidelanders. Each of the 10 second openers reveals a little more of the mysterious underwater siren figurehead, which is stylised to appear like the siren mastheads on front of a ship long since lured to its doom.

Creative Director: Zenon Kohler
 3D Artists: Matt Crump, Jake Hempson and Rob Conn
 Compositor: Ross Macpherson
 VFX Producer: Sarah Burton

Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Houdini, Nuke