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UTS Animal Logic Academy

Also entered in Student category

In a world where colour is a commodity, we meet a young girl who bleeds riches of glowing colour. Fighting to escape the claws of oppression she flees across the wall to bring balance. Beyond the wall she finds the forgotten city, long since stripped of colour. A chase across the rooftops begins as colour bleeds beneath her feet. On the roof of the city's cathedral, with the sun rising, she turns to take a stand.

CATEGORY: Student, Short Film

Chris Ebeling - Director
Daniel Flood - Director
Matt Estela - Director
Hamish Lawler - Creator/Script
Nicole Goh - Producer
Mathilde de Bretteville - Editor
Stephen Game, Jason Boyd, Ian Walsh - Music
Ian Walsh,

VFX Crew
Ailisha Sabalburo
Alexis O'Connor
Benjamin Read
Benjamin Skinner
Calum Anderson
Chana Corna
Chloe Barson
Conor Stack
Fengyuan Xi
Hamish Lawler
Illia Statkevych
Jemima Blackman
Jessica Lubbe
Jorge Ruiz
Luke Avis
Mathilde de Bretteville
Matina Akes
Miriam Bowie-Johnson
Monica Stringer
Muhammad Muzammil
Nicole Goh
Philip Billones
Samantha Chui
Sarah Hoskins
Siraphob Suttidaechanai
Wen Tan
Yu Cheng