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The overriding objective was to provide an immersive education platform for health care
practitioners, allowing them the opportunity to visually appreciate the impact of the microbiome
on health and disease. The beauty of this is that it allows the addition of diseases and
treatment options as the science emerges. The challenge was to convey medical truths
through a visually appealing immersive experience. Marrying the science, aesthetic and
design was a challenge to navigate.
The health industry is emerging as one of the best use cases for VR, with multiple research
projects confirming its effectiveness in everything from training, to helping people with
Dementia and PTSD, to communicating complex medical concepts. The Life-Space Virtual
Reality experience is introduced with an animation designed to convey the importance of
the micro-biome and how it is instrumental in influencing our mood, body and overall
health. Represented through the analogy of a magical garden environment, it epitomises
the micro-biome in a translatable and compelling way. As the viewer learns about the
wonders of the micro-biome, they are taken on an immersive journey through the
enchanted garden which then leads to a segment which allows the Health Care
Professionals to select a disease state animation from a menu that shows health
considerations in various parts of the body.

CATEGORY:Interactive 360 Experience