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Passion Animation Studios

Greenpeace brings the rampant destruction of rainforest habitat in Indonesia to grow palm oil into the spotlight. The film is narrated by Emma Thompson, focusing on the story of a young orangutan called Rang-tan. The scenes are designed and animated using various techniques including 3D and VR to bring to life the hand drawn animation in a flow of action and immersive camera moves.

CATEGORY: Commercials - Animation

Photoshop, After Effects

nitial character development:Therese Larsson, Thibault Leclerq
Lead character animator: Borja Montoro
Character coloring: Daniel Damm, Drazen
Ink-and-paint: Laura Barić,Lea Kralj Jager, Martin Nyberg, Petra Balekic
Additional animation: Sasha Vernik, Marc Valls, Pablo Miro, Daniel Damm
Sound design: Lennert Busch