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ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Camera


Poke The Bear

CATEGORY: Idents & Stings Broadcast

Stop motion animated Production Company Ident created for James Wan's Atomic Monster. James wanted a completely stop motion Ident reminiscent of old monster movies from the 50s and 60s. All the assets including the Rocket Man, buildings and sets and the Monster Tentacles were hand made and animated. Laser effects, smoke and fire were added in post.

Director - Norman Yeend
Producers - Craig Sinclair & Norman Yeend
VFX Director - Guy Jamieson
Stop Motion Animation - Norman Yeend
DOP - Simon Higgins
Miniatures - Warren Barnard
Compositing - Jason Morice
Previs - Andrew Silke, Dan Armour & Guy Jamieson
Gaffer - John Domeny
Sound – Max Conklin

Dragon Frame, After Effects

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Character01

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Character02

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Norm

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Overview

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Set

ShowreelImages AtomicMonster Ttile