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2C Creative

Commissioned to help promote Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XV,” 2C Creative delivered a playful trailer with just enough epic flair to do proper justice to the event’s 15th anniversary. The Miami-based creative agency fused live action, sound design and VFX to bring life to a concept developed by the network, and set it all against the musical backdrop of Mötley Crüe’s anthem “Home Sweet Home”. Mötley Crüe donated their fee in support of animal rescue. The resulting spot embraces the mantra: At Puppy Bowl XV, we don’t go big or go home. We go big AND go home.

Approaching the project, one of 2C’s biggest challenges was creating a completely believable 3D environment that would match the live plate of the puppy and the piano player. The shifting focus in the live plate meant some of the tracking data was less readable. The creative agency responded with a great deal of camera match moving, as well as live plate stabilization, in order to make the two work together.

For the trailer’s crowd scenes, 2C also needed to populate the arena with spectators using limited shots of groups that were picked up during the shoot, and do it all in a way that didn’t appear repetitive. The agency used a special finesse in giving the crowds variety without using 3D crowd simulation, which also kept the project within budget.

CATEGORY:Commercials - VFX




Luis Martinez - Design Director 2C Creative

Bob Cobb - Executive Producer Graphics / Compositor 2C Creative

Dmitri Zavyazkin - VFX Artist / Colorist 2C Creative

Akel Issa - 3D Artist / Compositor 2C Creative

Adrian Dgerotxxo - Roto Artist 2C Creative

Luis Castaneda - Roto Artist 2C Creative


Pablo Pulido - VP of Marketing Animal Planet

Nick Giattini - Senior Producer Animal Planet

Lisa McKenna - Director, Production Animal Planet

Chris Sloan - Chief Creative Officer 2C Creative

Nikki Coloma - General Manager /  Senior Director of Operations 2C Creative

Brian Eloe - Creative Director / Live-Action Director 2C Creative

Marni Wagner - Creative Director 2C Creative

Jesus Martinez - Lead Editor 2C Creative

Ashley Hartford - Technical Operations Manager 2C Creative

Williams Naranjo - Assistant Editor 2C Creative

Kelly Lanman - Assistant Editor 2C Creative

Chuck Ozeas - Director of Photography

Russell Katzman - Line Producer

Cinema 4D, Maya, DaVinci, After Effects