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Kapwa Studioworks

CATEGORY: Short Film

Accents', a spoken word piece written and performed by poet Denice Frohman, is an ode to her mother’s Puerto Rican accent. Accents takes on the energy, soul and rhythm of Denice’s performance, transposing her rhythmic vocal motifs into moving image using vibrant and raw frame-by-frame traditional animation. “I wanted to write my mother out of a shame that didn’t belong to her. I wanted to write her into a power that she possesses. I wanted to subvert the hierarchies of language that puts English at the top, and every other language at the bottom.” Denice Frohman


Directed and Produced by: KAPWA / Robertino Zambrano
– Jin Hien Lau
– Bethany Levy
– Derek Lau
– Elsa Secco
– Albert Hogeol Lee
– William Pietsch
– Robertino Zambrano

Sound: Bamm Bamm Wolfgang

Produced by TED-Ed
– Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo
– Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Special Thanks: Jessica Ruby

Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects