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Directed by our very own Michał Misiński, created with the joint team of Quark Tokyo & Juice. This
beautiful picture is all about Abeja’s spirit & values with “an attitude for realizing nonlinear
innovations with technology to make effective contributions to our society”. Michał Misiński takes us
for a journey through the – often contrary but constantly amazing places in Japan. With the visual &
sound effects, this might be a truly immersive experience. Full screen & sound on highly
recommended. Enjoy. This is the director's cut.

CATEGORY: Commercials - VFX

Postproduction Studio (CG Sequence): Juice
Executive Producer / CG Supervisor: Michał Dwojak-Hara
Art Director: Rafał Gosieniecki
Producers: Mayu Yamashita, Yui Nakagami
CG Artists: Piotr Korczyński (Kineza, Chile), Tomotaka Yokoo, Tomasz Potakowski, Selim Sykut,
Robert Sundelin
Music & Sound Design: Bartłomiej "Spaso" Spasowski
Client: Abeja Inc.
Agency: Quark Tokyo
Creative Director: Akihito Muraki
Producer: Hiroki Kyogoku
Director: Michał Misiński
Directors of Photography: Andrzej Rudz, Chris Rudz
Production (Live Action Sequence):
Cast: Mari Yamamoto (Jungle)
Producer: Tatsuya Shimada
Assistant Producers: Risa Nakatomi, Sayoko Mori (Dentsu X)
Gaffer: Yousuke
Best boy: Koichi Ito
Stylist: Annette Babuchadia
Hair & Make-Up: Miku Shigeyama
Transport: Hiroaki Genma


Nuke, Photoshop, 3ds max, ZBrush, Fusion, Maia, Adobe