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The Radicals Title Sequence

Conlan Normington

The Radicals is an environmental, snow and surf documentary that follows four professional snowboarders and surfers connecting with four First Nations communities who are fighting to protect the land they live on across BC, Canada.

The ocean, rivers, stream and salmon are at the heart of the four communities and entire ecosystem. We used sand footage filmed by Alex Wilson to represent the water with the salmon swimming against the current like the activists fighting for their land.

CATEGORY: Titles/Openers - Feature Film


Composting and animation: Conlan Normington
Sand footage: Alex Wilson
Edit: Conlan Normington and Alex Wilson
Footage: Brian Hockenstein Film directed by Tamo Campus and Brian Hockenstein

Title Sequence
Directors: Conlan Normington & Brian Hockenstein
Music: The Weight - Hanging Valleys

Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D