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 Student - Individual /  07 June 2017

Julz Lane

In the year 2070, scientists discover a portal to the distant future - a future where humankind is extinct.

The protagonist of the film is sent into the future to uncover what caused the eventual downfall of the human race. In this subsequent space-time the Earth is dark and desolate, with old ruins of architecture and mysterious Earthly features which make it feel almost like an alien planet.

It is revealed that the cause of the human extinction was a third World War that happened around the year 2300, which is referred to as The Chemical War. This is the basis of what caused the changes, death and decay to the natural environment - overtime the residual chemicals used during the war mutated and altered the remaining surroundings.

The sequence aims to reflect the transformation process and resulting future state of the planet after being decimated by The Chemical War, through dark surreal shots of barren landscapes, destroyed structures, heavily polluted water and gritty textures.

Design, Direction, Animation by Julz Lane
Music by Jorge Bailon

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