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 Commercials VFX /  30 May 2017


Shopping is not fun,  at least according to men. However there is a silver lining at the horizon, the online fashion shop About You. It merely needs a split second to find the perfect style for every single customer. But how is this possible? The TVC explores an unusual explanation: an employee of the About You Style Agency has the ability to move outside the flow of time.

To depict this visually, the whole image apart from the person in question has been frozen in time. For the realization of this effect, detailed planning, which consisted of many discussions, storyboards and tests, was essential. For several scenes, the image was split in up to five greenscreen layers, whereas for further shots actors and objects had to be fixed in place with wires and rigs. Afterwards the various clothes, accessories and coffee that were supposed to be hovering in the air, were realized as 3D-Objects. After the process of modelling, sculpting, shading and animation or simulation was finished, the render results had to be merged with the real-world footage, to achieve a seamless image.

The final result was the illusion of a world frozen in time.
Manuel Kotulla, Rovert Csakvari, Inis Koack, Tanja Kerner Director: J.J. Keith
Director of Photography: Casey Campbell
Producer: Anett Grunbeck
Post-Producer: Maggy Fischer

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