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 Commercials VFX /  30 May 2017


425 horsepower, 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and 7:52  burgring lap time speaks for itself. A unique car with unique performance. In order to highlight all of its beauty the team decided to place the vehicle in a very industrial environment.

After filming the machine on a race track specially prepared and set up for the shoot – the entire location was recreated to make it look like a very large refinery. Extremely detailed surroundings with the number of lights momentarily reaching tens of thousands.

Director: Alessandro Pacciani
VFX Supervisor: Jakub Knapik
Producer: Natalia Lasota
Art Director: Michal Misinski, Jakub Knapik
Compositing: Jakub Knapik, Arkadiusz Leszko
3D Artists: Lukasz Dziedzinski, Michal Gosciniak, Jakub Knapik, Arkadiusz Leszko, Daniel Niszczota, Mateusz Polechonski, Artur Szymczak
Concept: Micha³ Misinski
Matte painting: Wojtek Magierski, Michal Misinski, Daniel Niszczota
FX: Piotr Suchodolski
Compositing assistance: Sylwester Lipinski, Krzysztof Lucki
IT: Tomek Kruszona
DOP: Paul Meyers
EP: Nick Dodet
Editing: Marco Battiloro

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